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So, you'd like to know a little more about me then? Great. Where to begin...


...well if you got this far, it's likely that you already know my name- but for those of you who don't, I'm William. Welcome to my site!

I started this site in 2015 to share my passion for automotive photography with the online world. But where did it all begin?


Since I was very little, I have been completely obsessed with cars. My favourite toys at home were my HotWheels cars- I spent much of my free time drifting, racing and going to shows with these little lumps of metal- hoping that one day I'd do it for real. Hours on end were spent absorbing the aesthetics of each and every toy car, examining every detail- establishing what made each car special and unique. Whenever we were travelling anywhere, I'd be keenly observing passing traffic from my booster seat in the back of Mum's car- all that's changed between then and now is the booster seat, which has recently been replaced by the driver's seat! Without a doubt, it was these years spent playing with toy cars and watching traffic that sparked my passion for all things automotive. 

But why photography? Looking back, I think my fascination for photography began with a desire to document things that I saw. Well before I had a camera, I was taking pictures of things that took my interest through a letterbox-shaped opening that I used to make with my thumbs and forefingers. Sounds pretty sad now but I used to get a real kick from it back in the day. I can remember vividly how excited I was when I got my first camera for Christmas- and I entered that classic first camera phase of taking pictures of anything and everything. The desire to take pictures continued to grow, and in the more recent past I bought a DSLR camera after being completely inspired and excited by my older sister's DSLR camera. It was at this point that I started to think more about what exactly I was photographing, and I began to take a real interest in the composition of the shots that I was taking and how I could use different camera settings to create different effects.

It was only really in the last 5 years my obsession for photography and cars united. I started to take pictures of all the nice cars that I saw- simply to document the fact that I saw one! Around this time, a trip to London on which I saw a Pagani Huayra outside a hotel encouraged me to hit the city more often in search of supercars- and over the last 3 years that's how I've got really stuck into how different shooting angles, camera effects and editing techniques can transform the appearance of a car. It's only very recently that I've had the opportunties to shoot some cars privately- it's been a really enjoyable and rewarding experience!

I like to step back from time to time and just reflect upon how far I've come with this hobby of mine in such a short space of time. It wasn't so long ago that I would dream of one day seeing a Bugatti Veyron- the machine that all young car fanatics yearn to see. Now, thanks to all the adventures I've been on to London and to various car events, I've seen over 20!

So, that's a very brief insight into my connection with automotive photography so far- there are so many more topics to touch on and in much greater detail, but I won't bore you with that just now. Unless- what's that you say? You want to read more? Well just head on over to my blog then!


What is your favourite car?

Tough one. I change my mind all the time! I'll go with the BMW M2. Or maybe the Porsche 911GT3RS...

Dream car?

I'd quite like a Pagani. Any Pagani really, I'm not fussy- but given the choice? Pagani Huayra BC.


Being realistic?

One of my absolute favourite cars is the Abarth 595, I'd love to own one of those at some point. Pocket rocket with carbon fiber in all the right places!

What was your first car?

My first car was a MKIII VW Polo. It was pretty nippy actually and was a great first car whilst I got to grips with driving.

What do you drive now?

I'm currently rocking a quintessentially British two car garage comprised of a fantastic and fun 2006 MG TF and a trusty Rover 45. Trusty, not rusty.

Nicest car you've been in?

Sat in a Ferrari LaFerrari at the dealership. That was pretty nice.

What about on the road?

I went in a selection of Aston Martins during work experience at Aston Martin Works in Newport Pagnell- that was very fun!

Do you only take pictures of cars?

Certainly not! I enjoy all kinds of photography, especially landscape and architecture.

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