Yes, you saw it right. This very clean example of a VW Golf 7R sits on the classy alloy wheels of a Ferrari FF! This unique combination has made Jacob's 7R a hit all over social media and has become one of Instagram's favourite VW Golfs. To get some shots of the car, we headed to the local business park to capture some industrial shots of the car to match the raw, brutish personality of the subject.

The cover photo that I selected for this collection was, believe it or not, my very first attempt at vehicle tracking shots. This is where the photographer hangs out the window of another car that's travelling the same speed as the subject- enabling the effect where the subject is in focus whilst the surrounding frame has motion blur. I have always loved the cinematic effect that this effect creates, so I was glad to finally have a go at doing my own- and I was very pleased with the results!

VW Golf 7R

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